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Short Term Rehabilitation

Filosa, for Nursing and Rehabilitation and Hancock Hall enjoy an outstanding reputation for short term rehabilitation services.  Patients benefit from the most advanced techniques and equipment plus individual attention from highly skilled and nurturing therapists.  The focus is on each patient’s strength, mobility and functional abilities in an atmosphere of encouragement and compassion.  To achieve the best possible outcome and improve the patient’s quality of life, each patient’s program of care is customized according to his or her particular needs. It may include physical, occupational, or speech therapy, or a combination of these services.

Our dedicated staff and therapists have years of combined experience in specialized rehabilitative treatment areas. Each member of our physical, occupational and speech/language therapy team work together with our professional nursing staff and area physicians to develop a tailored program to meet patients' personal and medical needs. Individualized programs are designed to support, encourage, and give confidence to each patient as they work toward independence with the goal of returning home.

  • Individually tailored Physical Therapy programs improve mobility
  • Occupational Therapy retrains patients in self care skills promoting self reliance and independence
  • Highly trained Speech Therapists aid in the restoration of communication and feeding skills
  • Skilled therapists provide specialized post operative orthopedic care
  • A uniquely caring and supportive environment seeks to help each individual achieve an optimal level of overall independence
  • Highly coordinated interdisciplinary care leads to successful recuperation
  • Patients are guided through a comprehensive program toward optimal self reliance and safety
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